Inspiration is the new dimension in plus size clothing

2014 has been the best year for plus size clothing labels yet, and we are likely to see this trend continue into the foreseeable future. Big labels and high street stores have caught on to the idea that not everyone is a tiny mannequin with unnaturally “perfect” curves. The new dimension to plus size clothing this year has been choice, as well as inspiration.

Plus size women have often not been able to find the style of clothes they like in the sizes that fit them. But this year has changed that sad trend for many women, as more and more high street shops have opened up to cater specifically for these beautifully curvy women.

You may have seen an influx of larger sizes available in regular high street stores over the past couple of years, and this is because the retailers themselves have realised that there is a huge market for plus size clothing that has previously gone un-catered for.

Chic Boutique Brands that Cater for Curvy

Many high street stores have been influenced by regular women who have had to create their own brands and clothing lines and have made a name for themselves in the industry. Australia has many of its very own influencers in the plus size clothing sector, including Kita Ku, with their inspirational range of beautiful patterns, textures and essential wear.

Now there are more retailers stocking their clothing lines in larger sizes, the amount of choice on offer for curvier omen has never been better. Popular items include everyday essentials and underwear, to seasonal clothing designed alongside regular ranges. Plus size evening wear is a big trend this year, with more stores stocking cocktail and party dresses for larger women than ever before.

Bringing out your personality

Clothing designed for your particular lifestyle has been a big fashion trend for 2014 so far, as is looking set to continue. It is easier than ever to create a wardrobe of your dreams with plus size clothing that caters to your very own well defined personality. Accessorising for plus size women has also improved drastically in recent years, thanks to the many fashion lines designed specifically for this market.

Confidence is the keyword as we move into the latter part of the year, and nothing says it better than the rising popularity of the body con dress. These stunning dresses not only offer something seductively slinky to your favourite restaurant or party venue, but also offer up a ton of confidence about showing your curves off.

A modern classic
The body con dress style is one of many clothing lines that are able to bring out the best in you, no matter what or where it is. Available in a number of colours and styles, they make for perfect evening dresses, and are even available as swimwear costumes for having a great day at the beach. Expect to see the body con dress make further headlines this year with a number of fashion labels set to launch their own take on this modern classic.

2015 is looking bright for plus size women, so if you are ready to show your confidence and strut your stuff with style, why not check out the latest seasonal trends available near you. Check out the high street stores offerings to choose your colour scheme and look for a fashion that brings out your personality.


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