Why Do Women Love To Wear Leggings?

Most women have more than a few sets of leggings and ladies pants in their cupboard and when you consider how adaptable and comfy they can be, it’s no wonder. There are obviously a wide range of styles available on the market, with some being more appropriate for certain conditions or events, and others being highly versatile. The usefulness of a good pair of leggings is not to be underestimated!

Let’s look into some more of the reasons leggings are so great.


A good pair of leggings can be dressed to suit almost any occasion. They can look great with a sweater when you’re running errands or with a t-shirt, they make for the perfect gym outfit. Wear a nice blouse and jacket with the right leggings (perhaps a high-waisted pair) and you’ve got your evening wear sorted out as well. Not to mention, plus size leggings go great with any fashion trend and also with a wide variety of shoes, from boots to sneakers to heels.


Let’s face it, there isn’t anything much more comfortable than a pair of cotton leggings. That’s part of the reason they’re used by so many people - male and female - to workout in. Being skin-tight, they don’t move around a lot or shift out of position, they stay in place and are comfortable to wear whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or engaging in rigorous exercise. They are also just about the perfect thing to wear when you’re going on a long flight for exactly these reasons.

Easy to Match

Leggings provide a solution to an age-old problem that has been faced by women; a top that is an awkward length, making it almost look like a dress but not being quite long enough. Wear jeans, and it can look a little strange because the bottom of the top awkwardly hangs over the waist, but wear leggings and the look transforms.

This goes to show just how easy it is to mix and match your outfits with leggings. The colours obviously come into the equation; there are many colourful, eye catching leggings that may not work with everything, but for the most part, a quality pair of black leggings can be that one item in your wardrobe that you can rely upon to make the look just work. You can also accessorise and wear your legging with a belt, which classes up the look and is more appropriate for formal occasions. Wear shoes that match the colour of your leggings and you’ll notice that it has a slimming effect.

Leggings are just a great item of clothing that you can match up fairly easily with anything. You know that top that just never seems to look good? Chances are it’ll look great with a pair of leggings.

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