Plus Size Fashion Tips for autumn

This season is set to be a bumper year for plus size fashion, with an increased number of fashion outlets launching their latest autumn ranges. Whilst the fun of summer is now fading behind us, we still have so much to look forward to when it comes to the cooler months. New fashion trends are making their way to the high streets and online retailers, so let’s look at some of the latest fashion trends for autumn 2015.

This autumn we are all set to bring back layers and knits as one of the most essential styles of 2015, as well as the choice of colours. Usually, when the summer months are dying down we tend to go for neutral colours with a natural autumnal hue to them, but many plus size women are ditching that trend and going for something a little bolder.

Kita Ku

Red is the new autumn hue

Deep and rich reds are the new in fashion colour for this season, but whilst many women may shy away from the bolder colours, you do not have to use it everywhere. Whilst you may be able to pick up that fabulous long red dress from a specialist retailer, think accessories and belts, overcoats and berets to finish off your look and bring in the colder months in style.

Try to stay away from the flame red and Ferrari red shades that are available on some out-of-season clothing that you might be able to pick up on the cheap and go for deep reds that will bring out your other accessories and allow you to mix and match darker colours with your outfit with ease.

Rustic prints

Prints are always a staple fashion trend that comes around every season to enjoy a little dazzling shape, and this season the popularity of rustic prints are most definitely in fashion. Mix and match your outfits to give you a good shape and use the prints and patterns to allow your silhouette to blend into the background.

Not only a great trick for plus size women, but also a great way to bring attention to your accessories, so be on the look-out for simple colours with a rustic print to add to your collection.

Leather for this season

Leather has made a comeback in a big way, with many high street and online retailers looking to bring out their latest collections with a leather feel. Added to leather is fur, and faux fur, so be on the look-out for a combination of both to really look great this autumn.

Leather jackets, tops and accessories are a great way to give yourself that timeless feel, and a great way to be able to wear these autumnal trends later on in the year. Look for neutral leather tones, as well as the classic black and the new colour for this season of course, red!

Jumpsuits make their return!

Jumpsuits are another fashion trend that tries to sneak its way into the fashion scene but then goes back to the eighties every now and then. But 2015 has been a great year for jumpsuits, and autumn is no exception.

Fashionable and flowing jumpsuits are a great addition to any wardrobe and are available as day wear as well as a great alternative for evening dresses if you find the right style.

Take time to get yourself measured by a trusted store or by your friends before you purchase any clothing. One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make will be to wear ill-fitting clothing, as it may well accentuate the parts of your figure that you aren’t flattered by.

Take time to study the trends of the coming seasons, and you will be able to look great throughout the year in style as a plus size woman.


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