Dress Up & Style in Tunics This Spring

Spring is here with all the colours and charms. So it's possibly a good time to take a break from work, and enjoy the environment. One of the great things about this time of the year is the fashion and clothing options. Boho chic wear is comfortable, fun and often slimming, and the combinations are endless; this time of year seems to lend itself to experimentation. While they can be used just about all year around, colourful, vibrant tunic tops are one of the most versatile clothing options for spring and can be dressed and styled in some many different ways depending on the occasion

A near-must for any girls’ wardrobe, let’s have a look at some of the best ways to wear trendy plus size tunics in Australia over the spring.

Tunic At the Beach

A light, breezy tunic makes for ideal beach wear, as it can be worn over the top of your bathing suit, keeping you comfortable and looking the part whether you be poolside or relaxing on the sand. Tunics obviously come in a range of different styles so pick one out that suits you stylistically! Beach tunics make a fine alternative to a full dress and can be combined nicely for a sarong; while sarong has many more styles to fashion with. You can also wear shorts on the bottom which makes for a great combination. 

Tunic with a Skirt

You may have noticed that a tunic can be combined with nearly any other item of clothing, provided the colours and patterns match. A tunic-skirt combination works in a variety of different spring settings and looks terrific as an outfit to get around in during the day or relaxed evenings. We’d usually recommend going with a shorter skirt, but long, comfortable skirts can also look the part if you accessorise cleverly. You also have the option of buying a tunic dress, which lends itself to a similar look.

Tunic with Jeans or Chinos

Combing your tunic with a slimming pair of pants makes for a very versatile option. White chinos are a popular choice for women, just remember that they tend to work best for light coloured tunics. On the other hand black chinos goes beautifully with dark-coloured tunics

A general suggestion for tunic wearers is to combine them with tight or skinny fashionable plus size pants in Australia. Baggy and flared bottoms can look awkward and have the opposite of a slimming effect. This affords you the ability to wear loose, breezy tunic tops without your outfit resembling a shapeless tent. While fitting tunics with skinny pants are also not bad to go. Ultimately the choice is yours!

Floral Tunic

Why not wearing a tunic that is a bit different than the other ordinary wear? Another style tip for your tunic top or dress this spring is to have an alluring floral tunic. Usually fun coloured floral tunics looks more comfy. You’re bound to fit with the floral style anywhere in this spring. Such uniquely designed tunics add a new dimension to your outfit. 

If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe this spring, remember just how adaptable, versatile and slimming a tunic can be. And don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you!


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