Sophisticated Large Size Womens Clothing

Kita Ku is a most comfortable online clothing store delivering clothes and dresses all over Australia with international shipping. Our unique product line has proved popular with women around the country and we pride ourselves on keeping our look fresh and up-to-date. We are always looking to adapt our style and we release new collections on a seasonal basis.

The Collection

Our designers have a passion for flowing, comfortable clothing that doesn’t compromise when it comes to looking visually stunning. 

With a variety of textures and patterns, Kita Ku’s collection of clothing is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. By offering visually stunning traditional patterns and combining them with modern twists and fashionable, Kita Ku has managed to create online clothing that flatters the plus size figure without compromising on style.

Combining fashion and function is our aim. You don’t just want to look great; you want to feel comfortable in your own skin as well. 

Wear clothing that shows off your curves and complements your body shape without being too restrictive. Kita Ku’s online clothing is designed to celebrate the fuller figure and enables Not only can you find a collection of clothing that is specifically made for everyday wear, you will also find additions and accessories to bring a level of sophistication, for those romantic nights out and party nights in style.

Traditional Designs, All Year Around

Our designs are inspired by traditional Balinese and Javinese fashion, which is typically made up of colourful fabrics, long flowing pieces and florally patterns. 

By combining cool, breathable cotton into our designs, Kita Ku’s plus size clothing offers comfortable fabrics that are soft to the touch that gently caress your figure without hugging too tight. That said, we release seasonal collections throughout the year; while they have a cool, breezy, summer feel, our clothing can be worn in the colder months too!

Some of the most popular items at Kita Ku are ordered into four broad categories: jackets, dresses, tunics and pants. 

All four items of clothing have their own patterns and designs, and are designed so that mixing and matching is made simple. We have also other clothing categories. For instance, pants are available in a range of colours and complement the beautiful range of jackets and tops on offer. You will find that designer plus size clothing online range at Kita Ku is tailor made with comfort in mind. Check out our website and find out for yourself!


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