4 Plus Size Celebs With Great Sense of Styles

As we’re sure you are aware, beauty has a lot to do with how you dress; it displays your sense of style and can reflect your personality too. Regardless of your body type, dressing nicely can make you feel good about yourself in your own skin and it can also say a lot about you to others. At Kita Ku, our range of trendy plus size clothing in Australia mainly borrows from Balinese and Javinese styles, and there are a huge number of options when it comes to fashionable plus size dresses for curvy women.

We thought we’d share with you some female celebrities whose sense of style we really admire.

1. Adele

Adele catapulted to fame behind the success of her truly beautiful voice, and in her time she has won a Grammy and a Brit Award for her work on her 2 albums. Adele is often seen wearing black clothing such as full dresses, loose blouses or black tights. Black is a colour that can make people appear slimmer, and Adele’s dress sense has certainly complemented her body shape. On a casual day you will often find Adele in simple jeans and a hoodie. Comfort is important too!

2. Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is one of the most renowned African American celebrities in Hollywood today, with a diverse career in music, acting and even modelling. She stands as an ambassador for plus sized women in Hollywood, as she is the spokesman for Curvation Ladies Underwear. Her style is very versatile; she can dress sexy and feminine one day and tomboyish the next. Queen Latifah is not afraid of dressing up flamboyantly to stand out. Nevertheless, her choice of clothing fits her figure beautifully, enhancing her curves and feminine physique.

3. Sara Ramirez

She is known for her talented acting on the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy, which helped her win a Tony Award. Sara is infatuated with colour and adopts a very bold and bright style. Jewel-toned colour clothing compliments her complexion and voluptuous figure very well. Many of her clothes are curvy, flowing dresses that fit according her shape. This enhances the feminine aspect of Sara giving her a sexy and classy look.

4. Whitney Thompson

Whitney is the very first plus sized model to have won on America’s Next Top Model. She adores casual clothing and seems to give preference to comfort as much as she does appearance. In a more professional situation, Whitney enjoys wearing long maxi dresses as these flow very well with the shape of her body whilst showing off her curves. She also frequently wears black organic cotton leggings.


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