Should Fashion Labels Use More Plus Size Model to Advertise their Clothing?


Body diversity is something that will always be contentious, but it’s really great to see that the fashion industry and our culture alike is starting to embrace and accept that the majority of women aren’t size sixes. There are more plus size models than ever before and people’s attitudes about the ideal figure are becoming more realistic.

However, recent comments made by well known model Tara Lynn have certainly raised some eyebrows. The plus size starlet, who has been seen in Vogue and a number of other magazines, suggested that ‘it’s hard to make clothes look great on big women. The more fat there is on a body, the more variation there is in the shape of that body.’

Miss Lynn’s view is that this is ultimately the reason skinny women have been traditionally preferred to model clothes - more diversity in the body shapes of larger women means that clothing might not necessarily suit everybody. At the same time, the size-16 model is also suggesting that skinny girls have similar body shapes and therefore are more likely to flatter the clothing, provided they’re wearing the correct size.

She went onto to say that this isn’t the case with other kinds of beauty products, including perfume and make up. ‘I think it’s a great thing for (people) to see diversity in advertising and not have to feel like they need to fit a mold.’ The model also mentioned that she has no problems with the term ‘plus size, indicating that is it is helpful for people that simply want to find appropriate clothing!

There may be some truth in Tara Lynn’s comments, but it might be more a case of many plus size clothing designers not understanding their market. And with the average women actually being considered plus size, it seems that it would be unhelpful if anything that the woman that models the clothing not represent the norm. You might say that curvy women would be more appreciative if they could see the clothing as it would look on them and the fact that more labels are using plus size models in their advertising suggest this.

Clothing for larger women that actually fits well and flatters the relevant body type is rare. At Kita Ku, we believe that it’s hugely important for our clothing to both complement the curvy woman and is comfortable. Visit our website and checkout our full range today!


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