How Plus Size Women Should Dress This Summer

Let’s face it, hot, humid weather is far from the ideal climate to keep us looking as cool as the clothes we are wearing but there are a few essential tips on how to stay chic without worrying about the effects that the glorious summer sun and perspiration can have on our outfits.

Ditch your under layers

In temperate climates wearing an under layer to help keep you warm when you need it, but an under layer can be a great option to absorb the effects of hot weather, but the extreme summer heat in Australia can sometimes be too much to wear any under layers, leaving you needing a few essential tips on those important outer layers.

Casual wear is a great choice for the hot summer months, as the clothing tends to be more relaxed on your body allowing plenty of air to get through, keeping you as cool as possible, whilst not having to wriggle about in a tighter fitting garment that will just end up being an uncomfortable hassle.

Choose breathable fabrics

The best way to ensure that you keep cool is to choose fabrics and materials that allow your skin and body to breathe, with materials such as cotton being one of the best types of clothing to keep you cool.

Wearing lighter shades of colours or white will help reflect the heat away from you, keeping you cooler than wearing a heat absorbing black or brown.

Good fitting clothing is the best bet for comfortable outings as too baggy means the air gets trapped between you and the fabric in the same way a duvet keeps you warm. Too tight and there will be no space for the air to circulate, so it is important you get your fittings perfect for your size this summer!

Skirts, shorts, style!

Skirts, shorts and capris are a great choice for your summer collection, as they allow your skin to be cooled by the breeze, taking the heat away from the core of your body for a naturally produced summer cooling system! Get the best designer plus size tops in Australia, matched with a funky belt and a clutch, you’ll be ready to hit the beach in style without feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

When it comes to beachwear, there are plenty of new styles on the market that aim to bring your high street fashion to the coast. 

Body con dresses and beachwear featuring vertical stripes, lines and chevrons are proving popular, allowing a slimming effect on the silhouette as opposed to horizontal lines that show every lump and bump.

When it comes to colours, this summer is awash with pastel hues, bold yellows and blues and a mix of gold and bronze. A lighter colour is best at reflecting the heat away from you, helping to keep you cooler, whilst pairing up a slightly darker number for evening wear will keep you in good stead for a night on the town.

In-between Sizes?

If you are like most people, currently in-between sizes, then improvising your outfit to match your dress size will help you take advantage of the latest summer looks and give you an excuse to go accessories shopping! Bumper size belts are coming back in fashion, so stay ahead of the curve to help hide a slightly ill-fitting dress with ease.

One of the best ways to combat the summer sun and get you through this period of extreme heat and sunshine is to get the right fittings made for your undergarments. 

Underwear and undergarments play a huge role in keeping your body in shape, in comfort and in style, so having an ill-fitting bra can sometimes really ruin your otherwise chic look!

Always ensure that you get your measurements taken before you go clothes shopping to help you pick out the perfect fitting items every time. If you are unsure about your exact measurements, many high street stores offer discreet fittings and measurement services, from plus size women like yourself to help you feel comfortable and beautiful this summer!


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